UPVC Restoration Specialists in York

We are UPVC restoration specialists in York. We’ll give your UPVC windows, doors, fasciae, gutters and everything in-between a fresh new look. We stamp our work with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind. The painted finish on your home will be exceptionally durable.

Whether your UPVC is a few years old or over 30 years old, we can restore it back to its former glory with our UPVC spray painting services.

UPVC Restoration

Whether you desire a colour change or a colour refresh, our service is perfect. Want to restore the original bright white lustre of your UPVC windows? No problem, we’ve got a colour match for that. Want to change the colour of your UPVC conservatory to black? No problem, we’ve got a colour match for that too.

You can choose any colour you like with us and if you opt for a colour change, we’ll also reseal your windows and doors with a matching colour.

If you’re looking for UPVC Restoration Specialists in York, contact Hartwell Restoration today!

Cleaning or Painting for Restoration?

As UPVC restoration specialists, we understand you might also be considering a dedicated cleaning service for your UPVC. This offers instant results, but you’ll find your UPVC gets dirty again very quickly. It’ll also be just as susceptible to discolouration, because the UPVC surface will still be exposed to harmful UV rays.

By spray painting UPVC, we create an effective barrier against UV rays to prevent discolouration. The paint surface is also easy to keep clean and, in our opinion, attracts less dirt and grime. So, it stays clean for longer.

Above all, you will find our UPVC painters courteous, polite and professional. We take great pride in our work. Contact us today to find out more about our UPVC spray painting services and to get your free, no obligation quote.

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